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Do you want to see data on particular topic? We realize that OpenDataPhilly does not contain links to every available data resource - often because open data might not be available. Add a nomination for a type of data and vote on other nominations. Together, let's build a list of areas where we'd like to see increased availability of open data.

This page is for suggesting general areas where you'd like to see more open data. If you have a specific data set to add, visit the Submit Data page .

  • Done!

    Real-time positions of SEPTA buses and trolleys

    By chris on 04/25/2011
    Check out the data:
  • 23

    Data on the location of all food trucks in Philadelphia and the type of food they serve

    By dboyer on 04/19/2011
  • Done!

    City council member voting records

    By mjumbewu on 04/27/2011
    Check out the data:
  • 12

    I would like to see a data set that included all the zone parking areas as well the streets they are located on.

    By gabrielpreston on 04/25/2011
  • 11

    Restaurant inspection results for all restaurants in Philadelphia. Multiple years if possible.

    By mheadd on 04/26/2011
  • 7

    Financial and zoning information about publicly owned vacant land. On average, Philly houses are worth about $15,000 less than they should be because of proximity of vacant land.

    By yiphilly on 08/31/2011