Pennsylvania Hospitals

The PA_Hospitals layer contains the latitude and longitude coordinates of 249 hospitals in Pennsylvania. When possible, efforts were made to confirm the rooftop location of each hospital. The accuracy of geocoding is available in Geocoding Certainty attribute field (Geocoding Certainty: Rooftop="00", Street="01", Zip Centroid="04", Not geocoded="99"). Latitude and longitude are recorded in the WGS 1984 coordinate system in decimal degrees. The attribute data were obtained from an annual hospital survey and include approximately 19 fields such as survey ID number, longitude, latitude, facility name, etc. Additional fields and data items could be potentially linked to this layer.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Maintainer Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Health Informatics
Created December 8, 2014, 22:23 (UTC)
Area of Interest State of Pennsylvania
Maintainer Phone 717-782-2448
Usage Public use; free


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