Trulia (Phila. only)

Searchable, interactive real-estate database, which users can use to browse and evaluate properties for rent/sale based on a variety of parameters (size, pricing, proximity to amenities), metrics, and other tools (guides, map visualizations.) Users search by location (address, zipcode, neighborhood), to explore property information accompanied by a map with marked property location features, photos, as well as area/neighborhood user reviews and applicable real-estate trends. Free registration entails saved history and/or preferences, information sharing privileges with friends/family, and personalized updates. URL is specific to Philadelphia, while database is national. Users can also access real-estate data about recent listings by structuring customized data request processes or feeds (API, RSS).

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Maintainer None
Created December 8, 2014, 21:57 (UTC)
Area of Interest City of Philadelphia
Maintainer Link
Usage Public use; Free Free registration provides additional capabilities (reviewing, saving preferences) API requires key and user account registration.


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