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  • Complaints Against Police

    As part of the Philadelphia Police Department's (PPD) accountability processes, PPD publishes three datasets: The Complaints Against Police (CAP) dataset documents the civilian...
  • Police Advisory Commission Complaints

    The datasets below show information about Complaints filed with the Police Advisory Commission against Philadelphia Police officers. The information comes directly from Police...
  • Future Years of Supervision

    Future years of supervision by police district or citywide.
  • Arrests

    Daily arrest data by district and citywide from January 2014 - October 2019.
  • Case Length

    Case length (aka 'time to disposition') by police district or citywide.
  • Future Years of Incarceration

    Future years of incarceration data by police district or citywide.
  • Charges

    Daily charges by police district or citywide.
  • Case Outcomes

    Daily case outcomes by police district or citywide.
  • Vehicular Crashes

    This data set contains crash data for the years 2007-2017 from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT). This is a subset of the annual Crash Data compiled and...
  • City Payments

    This dataset includes checks and ACH (direct deposit) payments made by the City during the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st 2016 through June 31st 2017. Please see full...
  • PHLmaps

    The City of Philadelphia's ArcGIS Online organization that hosts references to open data releases as feature services and AGO map applications shared with the public....
  • OpenMaps

    Explore Philadelphia's most popular open geographic data in one easy to use mapping tool. This tool was built by the City's Office of Innovation and Technology's CityGeo team....
  • People Released to Philadelphia from Prison & Jail

    This dataset includes people released to Philadelphia from the Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP) and the Pennsylvania Department of Correction (PA DOC). Individual-level...
  • Street Centerlines for Vision Zero High Injury Network 2017

    This dataset contains a modified version of street centerlines used for spatial analysis to derive the High Injury Network. This version has been arrived at, using steps...
  • Red Light Cameras

    Locations of red light cameras maintained by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Trouble downloading or have questions about this City dataset? Visit the OpenDataPhilly...