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  • Advancing Education Safely

    The Advancing Education Safely dashboard includes information about COVID-19 testing and confirmed cases for SDP students and staff in 2021-22.
  • School Performance

    School progress report, district scorecard, PSSA & Keystone, district graduation rate, school graduation rate, aimsweb-star, attendance, out-of-school suspensions, serious...
  • School Information

    School lists, enrollment, demographics, pre-school, catchments; surveys, reopening
  • District Employees and Finance

    Expenditures, employee information, teacher attendance, teacher demographics, budgets, and full-time employees
  • School Progress Report Data

    Overview: The School Progress Report (SPR) is an innovative tool designed to help us support, respond to, and improve our schools. The SPR reflects our core belief that all...
  • PSSA & Keystone Performance

    • Actual Performance files: calculated using actual student performance levels. • Accountability Performance files: calculated using the student performance levels used for...
  • School Finder

    Enter an address to see which school catchment area that address is located in. The application can also use the location of the user, retrieved from the user's browser, rather...