The page is intended to help you either use data or find additional data sets not included in OpenDataPhilly.

Are you getting an error downloading geospatial data?

If you receive a 'processing' download message for GIS data, this may be the result of the service providing the data. Please refresh this web page until the file downloads. If you continue to have trouble downloading this dataset, email

Video: What Will You Discover with Open Data?

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Open Data Request Procedure

Not all data is currently open data, but that doesn't mean you can't access it. The law allows you make a Right to Know request. Learn who to contact and how to proceed with this Standard Right to Know Form:

Philadelphia Citywide Data Inventory

The city’s Data Services Team is working with each department to compile a citywide data inventory - a detailed list of every dataset that exists within city government - to gauge public demand and inform prioritization of data releases. View datasets from the departments who have completed this exercise so far:

Software for Using Data

Other Municipal Open Data Catalogs

The City of Philadelphia is not alone in making government data more available to citizens. These are a few of the many cities that have open data catalogs online:

Other Public Data Catalogs

We have elected to not include comprehensive state and national data sets that are available through other resources. There are many such catalogs, but a few important ones include:

Open Data Policies

We believe that better data about our society and planet will help us both make better decisions and more effectively engage in our communities. These are some of the organizations that promote open data policies and we encourage you to support them: