About Us

OpenDataPhilly is a portal that provides access to over 175 data sets, applications, and APIs related to the Philadelphia region. Built by Azavea, a Philadelphia-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software firm, it is now operated by the Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization. OpenDataPhilly is based on the idea that providing free and easy access to data information encourages better and more transparent government and a more engaged and knowledgeable citizenry.

OpenDataPhilly includes both municipal and non-municipal data and enables users to search for and locate data sets based on keyword and category searches. For each data set, application, or API, we’ve included accompanying information about the origins, update frequency, and other specifics of the data. The record for each data source also includes links for downloading the data or accessing the application or API.

Simply accessing data, however, is not the ultimate goal of OpenDataPhilly. By connecting people with data, we’re hoping to encourage users to take the data and transform it into creative applications, projects, and visualizations that demonstrate the power that data can have in understanding and shaping our communities. These public uses of data are featured in the OpenDataPhilly Idea Gallery . Each data set, application, or API can also be rated and commented upon in order to provide feedback on the possible uses of a data source.

We realize that we have most likely not identified every available data set. If you’d like to submit a data set, please visit our Submit Data form. You can also suggest general data sets that you think would be useful via the Nominate Data page. Together, we can build a more complete catalog of the open data sources in Philadelphia.

What do you think of OpenDataPhilly? Let us know your ideas and suggestions for the site at info@opendataphilly.org

Our Partners

Azavea is an award-winning geospatial analysis (GIS) software development firm specializing in the creation of location-based web and mobile solutions, as well as geospatial analysis services to enhance decision-making. Azavea is a certified B Corporation that applies geographic data and technology to promote the emergence of more dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable communities.

The City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation & Technology’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of the information technology infrastructure, where the services provided are advanced, optimized, and responsive to the needs of the City of Philadelphia’s businesses, residents and visitors.

NPower PA’s mission is to provide nonprofit organizations with the technology support they need to better serve our community. Since opening its doors in April 2003, with generous assistance from the William Penn Foundation, NPower PA has become a premier source for unbiased, professional, affordable technology assistance and training for the Philadelphia region’s nonprofit community. NPower serves over 425 nonprofit organizations.

TechnicallyPhilly.com is a news site covering the community of people who use technology in Philadelphia.

WHYY creates and distributes content that informs, inspires and engages through three television channels, two radio outlets, two websites — WHYY.org and NewsWorks.org, WHYY's news and information service — on-demand TV services, mobile devices and other emerging technologies. WHYY engages its audience on-air, online and in person, extending the reach of its traditional Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware service area to citizens everywhere.

The William Penn Foundation, founded in 1945 by Otto and Phoebe Haas, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region through efforts that foster rich cultural expression, strengthen children’s futures, and deepen connections to nature and community. In partnership with others, the Foundation works to advance a vital, just, and caring community.


OpenDataPhilly was recognized as Best Government/Citizen Collaboration and Best Open Data Platform in the 2011 GovFresh Awards.

GovFresh focuses on government-citizen collaboration and the GovFresh Awards are meant to honor "the most innovative citizen and city and local government technology projects of the year." Entries for the awards were submitted and voted upon by the general public. A group of judges then reviewed the top vote-getters in each category to select a winner.

We are pleased and excited that OpenDataPhilly was recognized in the 2011 GovFresh Awards. Thank you to all for your ongoing support!