OpenDataPhilly is a portal that provides access to more than 300 data sets, applications, and APIs related to the Philadelphia region. Built by Azavea, a Philadelphia-based geospatial software firm, OpenDataPhilly is based on the idea that providing free and easy access to data information encourages better and more transparent government and a more engaged and knowledgeable citizenry.

OpenDataPhilly includes both municipal and non-municipal data and enables users to search for and locate data sets based on keyword and category searches. For each data set, application, or API, we’ve included accompanying information about the origins, update frequency, and other specifics of the data. The record for each data source also includes links for downloading the data or accessing the application or API.

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Up to this point, OpenDataPhilly has relied on pro bono support from single organizations (Azavea and Element 84); in the long run, we seek to grow the project’s community of contributors in order to improve its resilience and sustainability, while still maintaining its regional character. We invite you to explore further and start contributing:

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Element 84

Element 84 is a women-owned software development firm that builds ambitious web applications and cloud services engineered for high scalability. We work with public and private sector clients to create systems that help solve problems and answer big questions about our health, our infrastructure, and our changing planet. We have over a decade of experience helping satellite operators, universities, and organizations like NASA and the USGS create systems, software, and user experiences that make their data more actionable and accessible.

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The City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation & Technology’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of the information technology infrastructure, where the services provided are advanced, optimized, and responsive to the needs of the City of Philadelphia’s businesses, residents and visitors.




By accessing or using data made available on OpenDataPhilly, the user agrees to all the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. OpenDataPhilly is not responsible for the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of any of the data sets, applications, or APIs linked to on
  2. The creator of the data sets, applications, and APIs retain any copyright or intellectual property restrictions they have placed on the data sets, applications, or APIs.
  3. By using data linked to on OpenDataPhilly, the user also agrees to any additional terms of use or conditions defined by the organization or individual who created the data set, application, or API.
  4. The OpenDataPhilly team reserves the right to remove any data sets, applications, or APIs from the catalog at any time without prior notice.
  5. When creating new applications, visualizations, or other projects based on the data in OpenDataPhilly, the user may not use any trademark, emblem, logo, or statement implying the endorsement of the original creator of the data set, application, or API unless the creator has agreed to that endorsement.
  6. The user assumes sole responsibility for any applications, visualizations, or other projects created using data found on OpenDataPhilly. The OpenDataPhilly team and the creator of the original data source have no legal responsibility or indemnity for projects created using this data.
  7. The OpenDataPhilly team reserves the right to revise and change these terms of use at any time and without prior notice.