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Buy Fresh Buy LocalĀ® Pennsylvania is your guide for locating farm fresh foods, value-added products, agritourism experiences, cooperative connections, suppliers, restaurants and everything local throughout Pennsylvania.

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Buy Fresh, Buy Local is an online application that enables users to access locations and information on the network of PA local farmers and locally grown food products. Users enter an address or zipcode to explore relevant information (proximity, contact, hours of operation) of nearby farms, farmers markets, as well as restaurants, wineries/breweries, retail stores and other venues that feature seasonal and/or locally grown food products. Results are also displayed as interactive points on a map visualization. The application is maintained by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Free registration enables commenting, blogging, uploading recipes and other interactive features.


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Area of Interest State of Pennsylvania
Created December 8, 2014
Category Environment, Food
License License Not Specified
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Usage Public Use; Free
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