The Initiative seeks to inform discussions on important issues facing the city and the region and to provide policymakers and other decision-makers with data, analysis, and examples of promising practices that may help them address key challenges.

Philadelphia Business Dashboard

This interactive series of charts and maps was developed to track Philadelphia’s progress toward recoving from the COVID-19 pandemic though business activity metrics. The dashboard is updated on an ongoing basis and covers data from March 2020 to the present. The interactive application includes eleven thematic areas:

  • Delinquency on Bills
  • Financial Stability
  • Balance of Credit Accounts
  • Work Locations by Sector
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Jobs by Sector
  • Jobs by Establishment Size
  • Wages by Sector
  • Consumer Spending at Small Businesses
  • Pre-pandemic City and Zip Area Profiles
  • Pre-pandemic Business Owner Profiles

The data can be filtered based on industry, location, size, and gender.


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Created October 16, 2021
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