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OpenDataPhilly is a volunteer-run project that aims to catalog open data for the Philadephia region. It was originally developed by Azavea in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia.

3 datasets

Historic Zoning Base Maps

The City of Philadelphia made a major revision of the zoning code and base maps in 2012. These shapefiles provide a few historic versions of zoning data up to the time of the zoning code change.

Historic Political Wards & Divisions

Election results are published at the Ward and Ward-Division levels. However, wards and ward divisions are adjusted on an ongoing bsais, and in order to map historic election results, it is necessary to have ward divisions that match the boundaries in effect at the time of the election. Historic ward and ward division boundary data are from PASDA, Azavea, and Robert Cheetham archives. In addition, some results from open records requests to teh City of Philadelphia. Data has been collected for 2003 to 2020. Attribute tables were modified to match across all years.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods

This dataset includes neighborhood boundaries for 157 neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The data was gathered from a mix of publicly available maps, including from the City of Philadelphia, the City Archives, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and user feedback.